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ADVA follows state policy set by the Arkansas Office of Personnel Management except where the agency sets specific or stringent policy as below:

ADVA Policies and Procedures:

2-1: Disciplinary Policies, Rules, and Procedures

2-2: Employee Grievance Procedure

2-3 Time Leave Holidays

2-4: Inclement Weather Policy

2-5: Fair Labor Standards

2-6: Personnel Records

2-7: Worker's Compensation Claims

2-8: Smoking

2-9: Sexual Harassment

2-10: Employment Procedure

2-11: Resignation/Termination/Rehire/Reinstatement

2-12: New Employment Orientation

2-13: Scheduling Employees

2-14 Catastrophic Leave Bank Program

2-15: Drug Free Workplace

2-16 Family Medical Leave

2-17: Performance Evaluation Procedure

2-18: Attorney General's Opinion

2-19 Arkansas Whistle Blower's Act

2-20: Anti-Fraud and Code of Ethics Policy

2-22: Internet, Email, General Computer, and Cell Phone Use

2-23: Criminal Background Check Policy

2-24: Personal Appearance Dress Code

2-25: Writ of Garnishment

2-27 internship policy and procedure.pdf

2-28: Handling Service of Process

Fiscal: Employee Travel Policy