Cemetery Beautification Foundation meeting minutes -19 August 2022

Tuesday, October 25, 2022 2:53 pm
Cemetery Beautification Foundation meeting minutes -19 August 2022

Arkansas Veterans Cemetery Foundation

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Robert Borecky, Chair

19 August 2022

Present: (quorum achieved)

Robert Borecky, Chair

Tami Eggensperger

Karilyn Brown

Scotty Scott

Andrea Fisher,Secretary

John Penrod

Taunya Kidd

Bill Kehler

Ken Zellmer, Vice Chair


Melonaie Gullick, Treasurer

Ken Keplinger



1. Meeting was called to order at 10:04 am by Robert Borecky. Roll call was had – all presentexcept Ken Keplinger and Melonaie Gullick. Karilyn Brown and Taunya Kidd would be late.

2. Invocation given by Ken Zellmer followed by the pledge of allegiance.

3. Introduction of new member(s) and guest(s) – none

4. Minutes from the previous meeting on 20 May 2022 were reviewed. Scotty Scott made a motion to approve the minutes and John Penrod seconded. Motion passed. Minutes from the Special Meeting on 9 July 2022 were reviewed. Ken Zellmer made a motion to approve the minutes and Scotty Scott seconded. Motion passed.

5. Reports:

• President’s Report

o Enough flags thanks to John Penrod through 2024 – all repairs are done

o Flag timeline for Veterans Day: (John Penrod – Chair)

▪ Deploy flags on Wednesday, 9 Nov at 0800 am

▪ Retrieve flags on Saturday, 12 Nov at 1000 am

o Wreaths timeline for holidays: (Robert Borecky – Chair)

▪ Deploy wreaths 16-18 Nov

▪ Wreath ceremony will be Saturday, 19 November at 1000 am (Andrea Fisher will coordinate). Have ceremony at the new storage building to incorporate building dedication during ceremony. Sec Nate Todd will present building dedication and Gold Star Family member will be key speaker during wreath ceremony.

▪ Need approx. 600 wreaths and 3000 red bows but items are unavailable.

• Treasurer’s Report

o Financial reports have been accepted – no motion needed.

o Post Office Box payment is due - $212.00 Ken Zellmer given the go ahead to pay the fee with his credit card and provide payment information to Melonaie Gullick.

• Cemetery Director Report (Bill Wussick)

o 3 positions currently open including Cemetery Manager. Interviews will be held 26 August for that position. 2 landscape technicians open but working with OPM to change title to Maintenance Technicians.

o Using contract labor to alleviate the work load on current staff

o Expansion project is on schedule even with some deliveries delayed

o Contractor on site to set headstones

o Contractor comes 1 time a month for mowing needs

o Section G – add overburden like sections A & B so currently no sod

o Don’t need flags placed on plots without a headstone

o Veterans Day – most likely a MacArthur Park again due to construction

o Refrigerator for maintenance need – Board discussion after Bill Wussick left the conference room

▪ Andrea Fisher suggested that because the purchase doesn’t necessarily align with the Foundation’s mission, the Board suggest that the Cemetery staff or Bill provide 2-3 options with estimates and the Board will assist in finding a donor to provide the refrigerator rather than the funds coming from the Foundation. Scotty Scott made a motion to accept this approach andKarilyn Brown seconded. Motion passed. Andrea Fisher will respond to BillWussick’s email request with the offer and guidelines to assist.

• Nomination Committee Report provided by Tammi Eggensperger

o Nomination for President: Andrea Fisher

o Nomination for Treasurer: John Penrod

o Nomination for Secretary (to backfill Andrea Fisher): Melonaie Gullick

• Fishing Tournament – Taunya Kidd provided update.

o Donation check in the amount of $1920.00 is presented to the Board on top of the $535 donation made from the raffle cash.

o Additional pledges are pending as well.

o Tami Eggensperger will send a thank you to the American Catfish Association and participants of the tournament.

o Tournament for 2023 will probably be late April or early May.

• New Businesso Sherwood Chamber of Commerce Presentation was given by Ken Keplinger and Karilyn Brown – went over very well.

o Grant status – Karilyn Brown is still working and following up to find out when grant will be paid out. Was told it is on the Attorney General’s desk but no ETA.

o Discussed the need for a volunteer database – Taunya Kidd and Andrea Fisher will collaborate on the list

o Discussed the need for a Board email to send out information and distro emails –Tami Eggensperger will create Gmail account and set up distros. Tami Eggensperger will also take initiative to be more active on the Foundation’s Facebook page.

o Discussed having a Zoom option to join the Board meetings due to several not being able to take off work without using personal leave. Tami Eggensperger will set up a Zoom link for future meetings.

o Next meeting will be held after the Veteran’s Day Ceremony – meet at US Pizza in Sherwood at 1200 pm. Tami Eggensperger will reserve room