ADVA Verified

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ADVA Verified is a joint initiative between the Arkansas Department of Veterans Affairs and the Arkansas Attorney General's office. This program is designed to verify nonprofits offering services to Veterans within the state of Arkansas are current with Arkansas filing requirements.

ADVA is committed to connecting public and private resources to Veterans across the state. ADVA Verified was created to ensure that credible resources are being connected. The services of ADVA Verified nonprofits will be connected to Veterans through the ADVA website, social media, and the Veterans service officer network. Transparency information on verified nonprofits will be available on ADVA’s website.

ADVA Verified is a voluntary program; however, services of non-verified nonprofits will not be connected through ADVA outreach channels. ADVA Verified does not imply state endorsement of a nonprofit.

ADVA Verified is part of the Arkansas Department of Veterans Affair’s strategic plan that was approved by Governor Asa Hutchinson in June.

Current ADVA Verified Non-Profits

Arkansas Freedom Fund
Arkansas Hospice
Camp Alliance
Darby's Warrior Support
Operation Stand Down Midsouth
Veterans Villages of America

ADVA Verified was launched on 10 December 2015 with nonprofits verified during the beta test of the application process. New verified non-profits will be added monthly.

ADVA Verification: from start to finish

ADVA Verified is a voluntary program verifies nonprofits who offer Veteran specific services are current with Arkansas filing requirements.

A two-page form will ensure that the charity has filed articles of incorporation with the Arkansas Secretary of State’s office, has current registration with the Attorney General’s Office, and has a current IRS filing. It will also collect financial information, charitable purpose, services offered, locations, and contact information to share with Veterans seeking services.

Verification Process Overview

1. Fill out our simple verification form: If you are interested in verifying our nonprofit, please fill out our ADVA Verified Application.

2. Attached requested paperwork: In order to verify your non-profit, we will need copies of:

  • Non-profits Articles of Incorporation
  • Certificate of Authority to do business in Arkansas (if applicable)
  • Copy of tax exempt status 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code
  • Current Attorney General registration forms CR-01 and CR-03
  • List of Programs Offered
  • Copy of organizations charitable purpose
  • Current IRS form 990*
  • Fee schedule (if applicable)
  • Organizational Chart
  • Addresses of physical locations
  • Copy of marketing materials
  • Oversight
  • Complaints filed against the organization (if applicable)

3. Send us your information: email ADVA Verified form and requested paperwork to

4. GET VERIFIED! After receiving your application, an ADVA representative will check to see that all of the paperwork has been supplied and confirm the receipt. Our verification committee will meet once a month to approve applications.

5. Promote your verification: Upon successful completion of the verification process and notification from ADVA that your organization meets the qualifications for verification, we will send you the verification logo file to display on your website, office, and marketing materials. note: ADVA Verified logo cannot be used in fundraising efforts, including solicitation materials.

*NOTICE: the IRS Form 990-N (e-postcard) will only be accepted for first-time verification in 2016. After that, the nonprofit must complete the IRS 990 or 990-EZ to renew its ADVA verification.