Arkansas State Veterans Cemetery at Birdeye

3600 Hwy 163

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Birdeye, Arkansas 72324

(501) 683-1787
(870) 588-4608
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Administrative Operating Hours:


7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Interments will be held on weekdays only.

No Interments on Saturday, Sunday or Holidays.

History of Site

The cemetery, located in the community of Birdeye, east of Cherry Valley in Cross County, will be the final resting place for veterans, their spouses and eligible dependents. It is the second Veterans Cemetery operated by the state.

The 100 acre property was purchased by the state in 2008. Construction began in the Fall of 2010 following a groundbreaking ceremony with Governor Mike Beebe. The first interment was conducted in February 2012, when Colonel Thomas Blake, an Air Force veteran, was laid to rest. Blake led a committee of individuals in selecting the land to build the cemetery.

Veterans, family members, veteran service organization members, community members, and funeral home directors are encouraged to visit this cemetery. Burial pre-arrangements are encouraged.

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Important Documents

Pre-Eligibility Application

Agreement for Burial of Cremated Remains

Family information Sheet

Certification of Monument Data

Certification of Niche Data

Monument Emblems

Interment Application

NPRC Request for Verification of Military Service


Mary Anne Parker

Mary Anne Parker has served the Arkansas State Veterans Cemetery at Birdeye since 2011 when it was still under construction. She has worked for the State of Arkansas since 2004. Mary Anne lives outside Hamburg with her husband and their two children.